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we are connected to the whole world but still afraid of strangers. We fight for power and ressources and wage endless wars for prosperity and democracy.

We use technology of the 20th century, which makes live easier and more comfortable. Yet we fail to accept the effects this has on nature and the wellbeeing of the greater good.

Our way of thinking is that of the 19th century, despite revolutionising technological and scientific developments known for over a century now still haven't made it into the minds of the mainstream.

Our current financial system is that of the 18th century or even the middle-age.

Archaic. Monopolistic. Centralised.

Still, to this day, nobody is questioning it.

What if we would finally make the welfare of humans and nature our highest priority?

What if there was no more existential angst and we could all lead our lives according to our true destiny?

What if our lives wheren't dominated by fear, scarcity and selfishness but by love, cooperation and abundance?

What if everybody was able to add to the prosperity of the community?

What if our children where taught to motivate instead of compete and to create and develop their own special skills in order to gain a healthy personality?

Now you can evolve and free yourself from all economic, financial and bureaucratic constraint.
Are you ready for a system upgrade?

Onegram - Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

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